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2008 Buyer's Market, Home Inventory High, Sellers WILL Negotiate~!

"The homes currently for sale in Sedona are priced to sell.  The average price of a Sedona home is between $199-500k.  The opportunity to buy Sedona real estate has never been better!  Take this opportunity to browse my listings, Sedona homes for sale."  The Verde Valley has many real estate opportunities other than Sedona, for example, Cottonwood, Camp Verde, Cornville- homes for sale starting at 120k! 

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Sedona Real Estate

Number of Homes (Residential/Condo/Townhomes) Sold in Sedona:

Total Number of Homes (Residential/Condo/Townhouse) For Sale:

Inspiration comes in many forms, in Sedona it comes from our famous "Red Rock" views, endless outdoor activities (walking, hiking, climbing, fishing, biking, swimming) and art.  My name is Jay Bingham, your source for real estate information in Sedona and the entire Verde Valley.   I work with buyers and sellers in Sedona, Prescott, Cottonwood, Cornville, Clarkdale, Rimrock, Camp Verde & Lake Montezuma.  Real estate in Sedona has changed drastically in the last 10 years; improved construction, new and improved highways and local attractions including theater, art and music. Owning Sedona real estate will provide you with a solid investment, a place to retire, or a vacation getaway that will constantly leave you amazed and inspired.

The inventory of available real estate (homes, vacant land and condos) are approaching record highs in Sedona/Verde Valley & Prescott. In order for SELLERS to remain competitive, they must lower their asking price.  The housing crisis has genuinely created a BUYERS MARKET and interest rates are approaching 40 year lows.  Most Sedona homes are surrounded by breathtaking views and have been built with quality construction.


Whether you are buying or selling a Sedona home, I will bring my many years of real estate experience to the table.  Having lived in Rhode Island, Texas, California and now Sedona, Arizona, I have a vast knowledge of the current market to help you find and/or sell your dream home.  Take advantage of this buyers market!

In addition, if you have any general questions about buying or selling real estate in Sedona, Arizona, please contact me as I'm more than willing to help. 

Please browse my website for listings, reports and important local real estate information in Sedona/Verde Valley.kidney disease


Jay Bingham, Real Estate Agent





Median Sales price Number Median Sales Price Percentage

1st Qtr. Jan-March of Homes 1st Quarter 1st Quarter change prior years
City/Community 2008 Sold 2007 2006 08-07 07-06

Sedona / VOC $523,250 44 $591,700 $551,250 -11.57% +7.34%
Cottonwood $215,000 41 $229,750 $235,000 -6.42% -2.23%
Camp Verde $342,500 7 $297,670 $270,000 +15.06% +10.25%
Clarkdale $275,000 3 $322,000 $320,000 -14.60% +.63%
Jerome $0 0 $0 $258,500 $0 -100.00%
L. Montezuma/Rim Rock $148,950 6 $220,000 $227,500 -32.30% -3.30%
Cornville/Page Springs $369,096 12 $345,000 $335,000 +6.98% +2.99%

Buying in a Buyer's Market, SEDONA, ARIZONA.

  • Lower sales price
    Sellers are more willing to wheel and deal because they know if they refuse to accept your purchase, they might not receive another. When fewer homes are selling, prices typically fall.

  • Buyers can command concessions
    Buyers can ask sellers to pay their closing costs, providing their lender will allow the credit. Buyers can also expect sellers will pay for special reports such as pest inspections or roof certifications and a home warranty.

  • Contingent offers are more acceptable
    Sellers are generally more agreeable to accepting a contingent offer that is dependent on the buyer selling the buyer's existing home. An offer in the hand is better than no offer at all.

  • Request for repairs easily negotiated
    If the home is in need of repairs or updating its systems, sellers will often credit the buyer for the repairs or fix the problem(s) noted by a home inspector.

  • Buyers control the transaction
    Buyers can ask for longer inspection periods, extend closing deadlines and ask for early possession -- terms that would be automatically rejected in a seller's market.




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